Home Alone Movie Review


Director: Chris Columbus

Genre: Christmas Comedy

Today I will be talking about the movie Home Alone. A quick summary of home alone is basically a big family leaves for Christmas in Paris on vacation and leaves one of their kids, Kevin, home. The mother and father realize that he is missing and they’re freaking out, trying to get home as fast as possible to get to Kevin. Kevin at the time was living his best life with everything under control however two burglars come and try to rob the place not knowing what tricks Kevin had up his sleeve and it did not end well for the two burglars. They ended up getting arrested and the family got home safely to Kevin.

The actors performances were done well Kevin the main actor was being played by Macaulay Culkin the mother was being played by Catherine O’Hara and the two burglars were played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. All these roles were played well by all the actors. My favorite actor in the movie must have been Kevin because you see how much a child can change when they are home alone. Even when he was getting robbed the average person would be scared but no, not Kevin. Kevin had everything under control from all the prank pulled on the two burglars. I  really enjoyed the detail and the effort they put into the movie because you can tell how hard of a movie it was to create with all the stunts and the lights needed for this film. I enjoyed the camera work, the use of lighting that was put the way everyone dressed for the movie.

A part I really enjoyed and liked while watching home alone was when the family realizes that a power outage had knocked out their alarm clocks the night before, making everyone late for their flight to Paris. It was my favorite part because it was funny to see them in a rush and how they completely forgot about Kevin at home because he was sent to the attic and they had left without Kevin. 

I would honestly rate this movie a 5 star because it’s been a movie that I and a lot of people watch plus enjoy every year. I have been watching the movie since I was a kid and it is a movie that I really enjoy watching and like a lot. I recommend this movie to anyone above the age of 10. It’s a good movie but because of the violence happening in the movie, there are also sexual references. I would honestly recommend this to kids above the age of 10