8 Mile Movie Review

The movie 8 Mile is amazing. 8

Mile is a documentary about the famous rapper, Eminem, and how he succeeded his career. This movie is all about Eminem’s past trauma and how he pushed his way to his achievement. The documentary was filmed in Detroit, Michigan. Jimmy Smith (B-Rabbit) is the main character who is played by Eminem. Other main characters in the movie are Iike David Porter (Future), Papa Doc, Cheddar Bob, Alex, Wink, Stephanie Smith. The movie documents the ups and downs of Eminem’s life before fame and how he got the fame he still has to this day.

I believe that each character preformed their role perfectly. Each actor fit the standards of the characters exactly.  David Porter (Future), for instance, who is played by Mekhi Phifer, and is very influential on Jimmy Smith (B-Rabbit) and pushes him to succeed because he knows the goals Jimmy Smith can hit.

Papa Doc is the next big character who is played by Anthony Mackie. Although Papa Doc raps against B-Rabbit, he has a big role in this movie. Papa Doc is Jimmy’s motivation to beat Papa Doc in the rap battle, to get to the next step of accomplishment.

Cheddar Bob is one of Jimmy’s closest friends in the movie, and stands by his side through the goods and bad. Cheddar Bob is played by Evan Jones. Someone who discreetly helps Smith is Alex (Brittany Murphy). She has a small relationship with Jimmy, however she cheats on him with someone who wants to get B-Rabbit a DEMO for his future rapping career. This helps Jimmy by not trusting Wink, and following his own path. Wink (Eugene Byrd). Wink is not very trustworthy, and tries his best to help others.

Stephanie Smith (Kim Basinger), is Jimmy Smith’s mother. Stephanie is an alcoholic and struggles with financial trouble, and relies on solving those troubles by playing bingo. The rest of the characters include Lily Smith (Chloe Greenfield), DJ Iz (De’Angelo Wilson), Sol George (Omar Benson Miller) and more.

The costuming in the documentary indicates the different styles everyone had in the 2000s. The dressing also shows how each character is at different financial levels. Some characters wear jewelry and nice clothing, while others like Jimmy Smith wear oversized dirty clothing and cheap shoes.

My favourite scene was at the end, when Jimmy has his rap battle, and win the battle against the defending champion, Papa Doc.

I would rate this movie a 10/10. It demonstrates the highs and lows of someone getting their fame and success. You also get to learn about someone that you don’t know much about, and see how they got to where they are today. I would recommend this film to people who are a fan of Eminem and his work, to understand him and see where he came from.