Mean Girls Movie Review

Directed by Mark Waters (April 30, 2004)

Genre: Teen/Comedy

97 minutes 


The very popular movie Mean Girls is a classic and perfect for any occasion!

This film takes place in Evanston, Illinois where Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) makes her way up through her new school’s social hierarchy from being homeschooled to the most popular girl there by becoming friends with the three most well-known girls aka The Plastics; Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith. Cady secretly also hangs out with Janis Ian and Damian, though.

Cady faces many conflicts that teenage girls can actually relate to because surprisingly some of the same problems happen at most high schools.

I think Lohan plays an amazing role by going from the new girl to the “it girl” of the school. She really shows how other people’s opinions can change the way you act, even though she wanted to play Regina instead. I also think that Rachel McAdams’ acting was astonishing because she really understood her role and played a wicked role as the villain. She had the right tone and just her stance perfectly showed that she was the original mean girl.

In the film, the clothes were iconic because all of the fashion is coming back now. The mini skirts, Juicy Couture tracksuits, etc.. all are part of the “y2k” fashion which is very popular right now. “On Wednesdays we wear pink”, every Wednesday the girls would have to wear a pink outfit and this influenced even people in real life to do the same.

One of my favorite scenes from this movie is when Regina invites Cady to her house for the first time. I love this science because her house is incredibly nice and very big. When they get inside she meets Regina’s mom and you can immediately tell where Regina gets her attitude and just the way she presents herself from. Her mom says, “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” and I think it’s one of the most iconic scenes in the film.

I would definitely recommend this film to girls around the age 13 and up because there are some topics that you might have to explain if you’re younger, but it’s one of THE BEST teen girl movies and a cult classic. I wish there were still movies made just as good as this one but they aren’t the same.


I would give this movie a 5 star rating because I personally think there were no flaws and the movie was exquisite.