Villa Maria is Buzzing!

Did you know that more than half the food we eat is because of bees? In fact, we have a mini bee-farm at our very own school! But is it really beneficial? Keep reading to find out!


Why are they so important?

Bees are very important for the planet. They pollinate millions of plants including agriculture crops, so we are able to eat. says that many foods rely on bee pollination, such as onions, avocados, apples, berries and a lot more. Without bees, these foods would go scarce very quickly, and our nutrition would suffer. They also produce the most widely known food: honey! declares that honey helps for all sorts of things. As a natural sweetener, antioxidant and antibacterial agent.


Why I think they are beneficial to our school

You might be thinking “Okay, that’s cool. But why do we need them at our school?”. Well, I think they benefit the school in more ways than we could imagine! They could help so many of Villa Maria’s students and teachers, and even the whole world. Firstly, bees are going extinct and they need to be saved. By having a bee farm, it will slowly


repopulate the bee population. A little goes such a long way, and this valuable farm will make a positive impact on not only the school, but even our environment. How can we not save these cute black and yellow creatures? Secondly, as for the honey they make, it can help with the food we eat here at school. At the cafeteria, they can use the natural honey produced from the farm instead of artificial sweetener. This will be much healthier for students and teachers. Honey is also an antibacterial agent, which is handy when you have a cough or sore throat. The school should sell honey drops (lozenges) through the vending machine. The bees’ hard work will be useful for students and teachers to relieve their sore throats when needed. Additionally, the school can gain a profit from these beneficial cough drops to help maintain the bee farm and maybe even expand it.


There you have it, a whole article about how these adorable little creatures on Villa’s bee farm can help the school, and our environment. Gee, who would’ve known that a little group of bees could be so beneficial to our planet? Do you think Villa Maria should keep the bees