Wonder tells the amazing story of a young boy with a facial deformity and his difficulties in his regular day to day life or not so regular. This movie which has received both the Humanitarian Award and the Bandung Film Festival award was originally a book written by R.J. Palacio. 


August or “Auggie” for short is a ten year old boy who lives in New York City he is faced with several difficulties including the 26 surgeries he’s gone through in his life.  This has brought a set of challenges into his life; one of his biggest being making new friends. 


He has been homeschooled up until fifth grade, but his parents have decided to enroll him into a private school near his home. His parents think this is a good fresh start for him as everyone will be new to the school as they will all start  middle school together.


While taking a tour around the school he meets other students in his year, Jack or Jack Will as most people call him by his first and last name is kind towards Auggie but the other student Julian is awfully blunt and harsh as he asks Auggie rude questions and makes rude remarks throughout the tour. 


This story tells the tale of strength, acceptance, resilience and kindness. It also shows that kindness can overcome mean spirited people. Acceptance is the key to knowledge. No one is perfect and no one is ordinary. As August says “No one’s ordinary. And we all deserve a standing ovation once in our lives.” This is because we are all magnificent in our own ways.


One of my favourite parts of the movie were the angles at which the movie was filmed. This is because they filmed close ups at times when Auggie needed it the most; it also gave the viewer a sense of home and familiarity and compassion. And in the last scene (which is personally my favourite) which was also filmed really well this is because it was shot as a wide view of all the classmates and teachers congratulating him on his big achievement the look of joy in their faces shows a sense that they have warmed up to him and then a close up of Auggie and his mom almost showing us the super close bond they have and that he has with no one else he also mentions several time that his mom is “his rock” and that she helps him through a lot.


I think all the actors in this film helped make this movie. I also personally think that everyone should watch this movie as it can teach everyone a lesson whether that be compassion or independence. I would rate this movie 5/5 as I have shed so many tears of joy and sadness. This film will forever be one of my favourites.