Minke Whale Found Dead In St. Lawrence

   On May 9, 2022 two whales were found floating in the St.Lawrence river in Montreal. As of last Thursday another  minke whale was spotted dead and floating in the St. Lawrence River northeast of Montreal.


    A Québec marine research group stated that the whale’s body was recovered from the water Friday May 27, 2022 only a day after being spotted. Robert Michaud, president of the groupe de recherche et d’éducation said that “it is most likely to be one of the two whales spotted earlier in May” 


As of June 1st there are two reasons that scientists are speculating that are the cause of death, first is the harsh climate of the st. Lawrence since minke whales are much more comfortable in salt water where as the River is freshwater. Whales in fresh waters can develop ulcers and skin issues. “In 2020, when Montreal’s waters hosted a large humpback whale, researchers recovered its body covered in lesions caused by algae” said the Montreal ctv news. 


   The second cause professionals are leaning to tarvation, due to the different climate the food for whales is low and due to the low amounts it’s possible the whale had starved.


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