Quebec’s Journey with COVID-19


It has been almost three years since this worldwide monster also know as COVID-19 has entered our lives and has changed our way of living forever.


From masks to quarantine to antigen tests to multiple  vaccines,it is safe to say that we all  have adapted new safety measures and we have all learned about  effective ways to protect ourselves .


However there have been many different opinions on the COVID-19 topic, inlcluding on the virus itself .One specific controversial topic of is how the government has responded and handled to different situations ,especially Quebec’s government.


Restaurant owners were among those who had some disagreements on how Quebec handled the virus during the 2021 Holidays .They were not happy when the goverment made the absurd decision of installing another lockdown and curfew during that time.


  « It ‘s a nightmare »,said  Francois Vincent the Vice President of Canadian Federation of Independant Buisness Quebec Vice President . According to Canadian Federation of Independant Buisness since the beggining of the pandemic restaurants have lost 200 000 in revenue .


I think the way the goverment handled this  was not considering and this decision affected a lot of people financially and mentally. Hopefully in the future,the goverment will think a lot more about the consequences before they make a decision.