Are masks finally in our past?

Are masks finally in our past?  

 Quebec officially lifts the mask mandate as of May 14 2022.

Dr. Luc Boileau quotes “hospitalizations and staff absences in the health care system were on decline, and it would be the better option for them”.


 After many years of studying the cases and deaths caused by COVID-19, doctors have gotten together and are quite confident that this is the right thing to do for Quebec’s population, and that we are on the right path into creating a better environment. 


However masks are still required in certain places like public transportation where hundreds of people take on a daily basis such as the Metro, train, and buses. They are known to increase a person’s risk of catching and spreading COVID-19. 


Once again Dr. Boileau has said “ masks are mandatory on public transportation, where vulnerable populations could potentially be exposed because it’s difficult to maintain a distance between passengers”


Elementary, high schools, Cegeps and university schools will no longer need to wear a mask while inside the building. Unless they want to wear a mask, in their own comfort. Although in a private school bus, children will not have to wear a mask as they go to the same school and will take either way by taking it off then.


Masks are not mandated in shopping malls, grocery stores, physical activities such as soccer, hockey, Zumba and others, restaurants and bars, gyms and reception halls.


Most of Quebec’s population are not comfortable walking around the streets and building without a mask. Health minister Christian Dubé said in a press conference that “some Quebecers will continue masking in public and their personal choice should be respected”

The world is slowly going back to normality