Don’t Say Gay Law in Florida Facing Backlash

On March 28th 2022, Florida’s republican governor Ron DeSantis passed a bill most famously known as ,“Don’t  Say Gay Law” that prohibites school personel from mentioning sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarden through grade 3.


The law forbids teachers and other school staff from mentioning or giving instructions on anything involving sexual oriention or sexual identity to their students from kindergarden to grade 3. If they are found to have done so the parents of the students involved have the right to sue the school district and teacher involved.


Republican governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill saying,“ That parents can send their kids school to get an education not an indoctrination”

The vagueness of the bills wording has some worrying about the meanings of the bill being interpreted differently by different people. This is causing worry among Florida school staff on what they can and can’t mention in classes as there are no true guidelines around the law.


Other states in the U.S such as Alabama, Texas, Ohio, Louisiana have in the works similar laws that will mirror Florida’s controversial law. This is causing outrage not only in Floria but around the country as this law seen by many not to protect the rights of LGBQIA2S+ community but instead infringe on their gender and sexual orientation freedom which are already limited in the country.


Disney, a big player in both Florida’s political and state donations, has now frozen all of their political donations. Although this motion can be seen as a move against the bill, Disney CEO Bob Chapek is facing backlash after his slow reponse to the bills enactment. He has since spoken out against the bill only after employees staged mass walkouts at the company’s headquarters