The effects of gun laws in America


Recently in America, there has been a lot of controversy on the current gun laws and on how much freedom Americans have to carry a concealed weapon or an open carry weapon. Is it good to even be carrying a gun in general? 


After a shooter walked into an elementary school and killed 23 and injured 27 people in Uvalde, Texas people, especially parents and teachers, are getting more and more concerned about who should get to carry an arm in America. Martina Martinez, a mother in Texas, said to the press, ”This wouldn’t be happening if anybody couldn’t just buy a gun. It shouldn’t have happened.”, speaking about the Texas Government.


In the United States,The Second Amendment to the U.S. The Constitution lets American citizens have the right to own an arm. In America, President Joe Biden is currently looking into making gun restrictions stricter in order to make people feel more secure. “The idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy weapons of war just doesn’t make sense,” Biden said. “It violates common sense.” 


That being said, statistics still show that a big amount of Americans own a gun in their home . At least 32% of American adults say they own a gun and at least 44% of Americans say they live in a household where there is a gun.


Overall the debate about gun laws have been going around for quite a few years now so we’ll see in the future how it impacts our country.