Monkeypox: Should you worry?

Its been 2, almost 3, years since the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has damaged the worlds population and economy. It was a dangerous, super contagious virus that spread from China into the rest of the world. We fought back with intensive vaccine research in hopes to end this horrible virus.

After a year and half of non stop research, we found a vaccine to help suppress the spread of coronavirus and its symptoms. While it didn’t kill and remove the virus as a threat, it dropped the numbers by a lot. But now 2 years later, and we have the report of a new virus, the monkeypox virus. Over the past few weeks, more and more of this virus seems to be popping up around the globe. The question everyone is asking is: should we be worried?

Monkeypox is the newest varient is chickenpox family. It comes from west and central Africa. The virus is similar in that it gives the person these boil like bumps on their skin. The virus has a total of 258 cases worldwide, with the UK having the most, of 71. WHO scientist Dr. Rosamund Lewis says that he doesn’t think that the monkeypox virus will be a danger or a threat to the world, but is worried on how it is spreading. The idea was that because of the low immunization of smallpox over the centuries has possibly led to the higher spread of the virus. In general, the doctor says that their should be low panic for the virus.

In conclusion, the new monkeypox virus seems to not be a threat to the world. Most scientist are saying you should avoid contact with a person past infected and to make sure you’re vaccinated for chickenpox, as it might have a help in fighting back.