The Truth Behind Bill 96


The bill 96 introduces new fundamental language rights, including the right to French language services and reinforces French as the language of legislation and justice in Quebec. Bill 96 would impose tougher language requirements on workplaces municipalities limiting the use of the English language in public services. 

These actions will negatively Impact immigrants and their ability to seek education in Quebec out of their native country. The Kahnawake chief along with other indigenous leaders believe the barrier for their education. She stated “they need to recognize that we are our own nation, we have our own language and cultures that have been here since before them”.

This new adaptation will also change the system for deciding how many judges in Quebec must be bilingual and change the staffing of the colleagues, this will likely put the jobs of a multitude of English- speaking workers at risk. 

The liberal leader Dominique Anglade said her party is against several selections of the bill, including the requirement that all new immigrants receive government services only in French after they’ve lived in Quebec for six months. “It’s not realistic, it’s not acceptable”. There are lots of families that will be affected by that and it will be negatively impacted.