Should you watch or not


Director: Anthony Russo

Action/Fantasy/Fiction/Super Hero

Avengers End-Game

Avengers Endgame is a movie about an Eternal–Deviant hybrid “Thanos” trying to gather all Infinity stones because he wants to kill half of all life in the universe. He thinks by doing so he’ll restore balance. This was the best movie released in 2019 with out a doubt.
I believe most characters had the best actors to play their role except Brie Larson “Captain Marvel”. Brie is the polar opposite of what captain marvel originally was like and what she should be like. She is supposed to be sad and vulnerable although she is one of the strongest characters, now she acts like she’s a goddess. This is not what captain marvel is like.
I believe Thanos was very well designed, their were no problems with the way he looked or the mouvements he would make such as the way he walks, talks, and fights. He was perfect and he had no flaws.
I personally believe the best scene was when captain America was able to pick up Thor’s hammer “Mjollnir” and started beating the crap out of Thanos. I believe this was the best scene as it was highly unexpected and it took place at the best time possible. This proved to us that anything can be expected when it comes to marvel movies.
I would rate this film a 10/10 and recommend it to every action movie fan.