Is Just Go with It worth it?


Just Go with It.                            Dennis Dugan


Sariah Gittens                        Romance/comedy 


A surgeon (Danny) convinces his assistant (Katherine) and her two kids to pose as his soon to be divorced wife and fake children for one weekend trip to Hawaii so that he can cover up a reckless lie that he told his much younger girlfriend (Palmer). During the trip they encounter different situations where a simple lie about a fake marriage is turned into a series of events that they participate in to cover up the fake life that they created.


Just Go With It features two well known actors, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. These two actors are known separately for roles played on many different movies and tv shows normally the film being a comedy. At the time when this movie was released Adam Sandler seemed to be having some difficulty capturing good roles, but put him with Jennifer Anniston and the chemistry and connection between the two is instantly there. Between the movie being set in Hawaii which adds to the romance and the great casting choices made by the director the whole movie came together just proving the point that not just any actors can be casted for a movie based on the type and looks.


A scene that I personally love in Just Go with It is when Danny decides to make his assistant Katherine pretend to be his ex-wife, he has a price to pay that comes with it. He has to turn his basic, plain, and pretty much boring assistant to a stunning, well made, rich ex wife. Although the scene isn’t one of the most important In the movie it manages to catch your attention in the whole transformation process. 


Overall this movie is 4.5/5 stars. I would definitely recommend this movie to people especially if you’re looking for a fun rom/com to watch. It’s the type of movie that you can rewatch as many times as you want. Typically for all the young girls out there looking for romance this one is light hearted and funny.