Dune Good or Bad?

Dune Good or Bad?

Movie name: Dune Director: Denis Villeneuve

Reviewed name: Darian Alemzadeh Genre: Sci-Fi

The plot of the movie Dune is that a duke from space is assigned to a planet to collect a valuable resource known as spice by the space emperor while dealing with the natives of the planet trying to stop them.

I personally feel that the actors for Dune did not measure up to their characters and overall had done bad acting, because of the way they showed emotions and said things.

However I found that the special effects and lighting were spectacular for this movie. Especially since the movie’s setting was on a planet that was only desert.

One of the scenes I despised in this movie was when they were talking about politics, however no one in the audience had a clue of what was going on as they didn’t explain any of the laws beforehand and just said their names and expected us to know what they were talking about.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend you watch this movie. It’s 3 hours long and it was not very entertaining at all and felt like they were trying to fit as many things as possible with little to no explanation. I would rate this movie 2 out of 5 since it’s only redeeming factor we’re it’s special effects.