Encanto: A Family of Miracles

Should you give it a watch?


The movie Encanto, directed by Byron Howard and written by Jared Bush, et al. This is a wonderful movie about a magical family made by Disney, however it has a much deeper meaning that isn’t as visible to children about generational trauma in family, this adds to the movie in an amazing way. In the movie we see that the main character Mirabel’s grandmother was given a blessing allowing the rest of her family and the many generations to come to be gifted with magical powers all except for Mirabel. This becomes a large problem in the movie as she often feels left out by everyone including her magical house. Throughout the movie we see her try to uncover more as to why she was the only one without a gift and even begins to pursue certain family members. This movie takes children on wonderful adventures full of magic and family and presents the effects of generational trauma for the older audience, this provides a heart warming story for both parties.

In Encanto the voice actors do an amazing job portraying the emotions of the characters. When we see Mirabel get sad we can hear it in her voice we can hear her mothers caring attitude in every scene. The voice actors did an amazing job. While the voices of the characters are one aspect of the movie that were done really well there are others, for example the visual effects, from the colours of the outfits to the tiniest symbolic representation you can tell that everything had so much thought put into it. In the movie we see that one side of the family wears colder tones ie blue, purple and green while the other side wears warmer colours like red and orange. These colours greatly represent the characters, in the main characters mothers case we see her wear a light blue as that colour is often chosen to represent loyalty and a very calming or healing presence, a very thought out style choice. The colours also distinguish the different sides of the family.

The movie Encanto also is very notable and wonderful because of the representation it has for other ethnicities, something that unfortunately not a lot of media has. Encanto is a unique movie and has caught the eye of a lot of younger people because of the representation it has, it’s characters with very relatable struggles and smooth animation.

One particular scene that was very well made was when Mirabel’s sister had her song about how she never feels strong enough for the family and how so much pressure is put onto her, this scene is beautiful and a lot of Oder siblings have found themselves relating to it. The animation of this scene was very well done and using rocks to symbolize the pressure being put onto her was a wonderful Choice as it shows how heavy the pressure is and how no matter how strong she can’t mentally keep up with the pressure.

I would recommend this movie to everyone of any age group no matter where you are from since it is such a well made movie and has taken a large presence on social media even before its release. Such a wonderful movie deserves all the love it has received and I think everyone should give it a try!