Come From Away -Does it make you want to go away?

Spoiler alert, it doesn’t!

Come From Away.                                                  Director:   Christopher Ashley


Reviewer:Ella Knitter.                                              Genre:  Historical musical


The true movie musical, Come From Away, written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein is a true story that beautifully portrays  the comradery formed during the dark times of 9/11. Come from away takes place in a small town in Gander, Newfoundland, where 38 planes were diverted after the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11 2001. It tells the true life stories of passengers and locals through song as they band together and form unbreakable bonds during the week after the attack. Like the story of Beverly Bass (Jenn Colella),the first female pilot of an American Airline flight, Hannah O’Rourke, an anxious mother who lost communication with her son, a New York firefighter. Overnights, this small town took in nearly 6000 people, doubling their population and welcomed these, “come from aways”,to the rock.


The intricate camera angles and cinematography are just some of the things that made this movie just that much better. The angles used to film this movie made it feel like I was in the movie making all the songs and important plot points just that much more interesting and emotional. It also made it possible to see the emotions on the actors faces much better with close angle shots, something that can be lacking watching it in its original Broadway atmosphere. 


The set pieces in this movie showed how simple a masterpiece can be. This movie only had one set, as it was filmed as a musical, but it has so much character that other sets are simply not needed. The set can be described as a mix of so many different sceneries. The set has an all around rustic vibe with distressed wood and missed match chairs which is ideal for the small town  scene they are trying to portray. There is also a floor turn table built into the stage which gives a full view of the scene being painted.


As this is a musical film, songs are used to go more into depth on characters’ emotions and to help a scene become more complex and interesting, something which this movie did perfectly. All the songs in this musical have a country feeling to them and are all played by instruments traditionally used for Newfoundland folk music, giving each song a more appropriate touch with the setting. This music choice also sets the musical part of this film apart from others films like this as it gives off a completely different feeling then other musical movies usually do. I found the music also helped set apart characters as sometimes the same characters were played by the same actors therefore the change in the music tone for each character helped me separate each character. 


My  favourite scene would have to be the final ending scene which starts the song, “Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere”. When the plane people are finally given the okay to go home. It is hard not to shed a tear watching the last 20 minutes of this film. I could feel how frightened and sad these people were. I saw the bonds breaking between some characters but also so many new unbreakable ones forming. This scene really helps put into perspective that these stories and emotions are something that actually happens to people making the ending just so much more moving. I also loved how this movie had a ten year time jump at the end to show us how people from all over the world have never forgotten their time and the people in Newfoundland. Viewers also get to see how the people who were stranded there repay their gratitude to the selfless locals who took them in, in a time of need. This scene was an all around spectacular way to end this film.


I would definitely recommend this film, especially to teenagers and Broadway fans as it teaches viewers this important part of history that is often overlooked. A lot of Canadian teenagers especially, believe that  this part of history doesn’t relate to them as it didn’t happen in their country or in a time period that they were alive. This film helps show them that the attacks on 911 didn’t just affect the United States but the entire world. Come From Away  is available on Apple +.

I would rate this film a 4.5 out of 5 stars