House of Gucci



House of Gucci                         Ridley Scott

Simona Eva Melchionno        Drama, Crime film Thriller

House of Gucci tells the story of the Gucci family. This film takes place in Italy mainly in the city of Milan and shows the ugly truth behind the Gucci family. The film shows what began as a love story between Patrizia Reggiani played by Lady Gaga and Maurizio Gucci played by Adam Driver. Which ultimately ended with the ugly murder of Maurizio . Gucci started as a family company where everyone loved each other until Patrizia came into the picture and teared the family legacy apart.

The actors way of interpreting their characters were prime. Lady Gaga has a lot of experience in the acting industry. She played in many movies like A star is born, the sopranos and many more etc…
This made her the perfect person to play Patrizia Reggiani and she portrayed her perfectly. In addition Lady Gaga’s heritage is also Italian which contribution to her fit for this role. All the other actors were portrayed extremely well although they were not as known as Lady Gaga.

The director used many ways to enhance the movie. He had Patrizia wear elegant clothes to show off the northern part of Italy she represented and the era. We can also see the director uses many different colours to reflect the characters personalities. Paolo had more wild colours while Aldo, Maurizio, Radolfo had neutral ones . They also protrayed the 70s, 80s and the 90s very well as they use props and clothing that suited this period of time.

A scene that grabbed my attention was when Patrizia ordered the killing of her husband. Although she met the shooter to order the killing I did not believe they were gonna go though with it. However, Maurizio Gucci was part of an empire that Patrizia was obsession about take over which ultimately drove her to order the killing of her husband.

I highly recommend this film, for anyone interested in crime stories. This move has romance, adventure, drama and murder so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

I give this movie a 5 on 5 !