Turbulence in Tulum

As we graciously take in the fact that a new year has finally arrived, we certainly won’t forget the events that occurred just 2 days before wrapping up 2021.

After the news broke on Thursday, December 30th 2021 that a group of influencers and reality show stars from Quebec took the risky decision to go big before ending 2021 and throw a party on a plane, the internet has since been going wild over this outrageous situation. The group of individuals decided to party irresponsibly on a Sunwing flight headed for Tulum.

Multiple images and videos of the influencers included footage of them partying without masks, jumping on the plane, dancing, vaping, as well as passing around hard liquor bottles and crowd-surfing. 

To begin with, smoking on an aircraft is illegal, however the influencers that were vaping while on board were not fined for breaking rules. The airline took absolutely no action and didn’t intervene because the flight crew was “fearful”. According to an article published back in 2013 headlined “Sunwing to sue family for allegedly smoking on flight” the passengers that were allegedly caught smoking on the flight were each fined $50,000 for disobeying lawful commands charges, but the influencers received no more than a warning. Multiple articles regarding the on flight pandemic party all alleged a possibility that the passengers could be fined and even arrested, however no such thing took place. We’ve reached a point where as a society, coping with this pandemic has been very challenging and very difficult. For the privileged people to travel and go to extremes and break the rules as well as disregard all the health and safety measures put in place is pathetic, embarrassing and insensitive. Since the incident, one passenger confirmed that she indeed tested positive for Covid-19, and the organizer has since received a ticket for breaking the curfew rule.

As the pandemic continues to progress at large with multiple risk factors, we highly encourage you to do more individual research on the situation and ensure that you are following the proper health and safety measures as well as applying them regularly.