Two Creative and Cheap Gifts to Gift

Gifts to get your parents for Christmas

A lot of kids, especially around younger ages don’t have the privilege of buying their parents expensive gifts wich are often said to be the best gifts especially for celebrations like birthdays, Christmas and even the new year. Here are 2 creative un-expensive gifts to give to loved ones.

1 : if your parents, partner or friends are the kind of person who really enjoys spending quality time or showing you videos and you are not the type to enjoy doing that, even if you are aware that it means a lot to them, what you can do do for the holidays is the following.
• cut out three strips of paper

• write the word “coupon” on it
• And then gift it to whoever you want
This gift is a coupon that can be used for whatever said person would like and whenever, if they want to have you spend time with them or even do chores in their place then you fulfill their wish. Almost like a magical genie. This gift is a good way to strengthen relationships and spend quality time with people that you might want to talk to but always find yourself to busy too.


2: An at a home spa might seem like a lot of work but a good day of relaxing for whoever receives this gift, it is also quite thoughtful. You can give massages, let them take baths and pamper them all day as a treat. This gift could just be an exuse to talk with a certain person or just spend time with one another.

These two very simple yet thoughtful gifts can be gifted to anyone anytime and are very cheap some might even be totally free, the material to make these are very accessible making these gifts accessible to every child and adult looking for a gift to give. I hope these ideas helped and maybe even sparked a new idea into your mind.


Written by Mavis