Ho Ho Ho! It’s another COVID Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Gathering around the tree, unboxing gifts but what makes Christmas one of the most special and enjoyable holidays is that we spend it with family.

Recently that has changed because of many regulations that were set in place to separate us from our loved ones during this difficult period of time. Some ways that we were able to slow down the infection rate included socially distancing from others who are not in our close family circle, creating smaller groups, only seeing others occasionally, and wearing masks as well. Some rules are changing everyday; we never know which will change and when.


It must be especially hard for some, such as elderly people because they are not always with a lot of people during the whole year and it is a chance for them to be with many of their loved ones. It is also very hard for younger children because they miss playing with their cousins and miss that close connection with their family.

Thankfully this year we will be able to see and visit our family and friends but we must still remember to make sure that we listen and understand the rules and regulations  in order to return to life as we used to know it before this global pandemic. Happy holidays to everyone! Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah! Stay safe and a very joyous and healthy 2022!