How cities are ranked by resonance annual ranking

The cities are ranked based on these following criteria

  1. The place itself: climate (the normal number of bright days), safety (murder rate), as well as neighbourhoods and landmarks (explicitly the quantity of which were suggested by local people and guests) and outdoors (or the quantity of parks and open air exercises suggested by local people and guests).
  2. the people:this category evaluates the cultural diversity in the people (number of foreign born residents) as well as their education( students who reach bachelors and higher)
  3. things to do: this includes experience given by locations of culture( performing arts) night time, dining, and shopping which the locals and visitors are asked
  4. infrastructure and institutions:this category evaluates museums and attractions such as fun fairs are included, airport convenience ( number of direct flights offered by airports) university rankings ( specifically the top ranked local school) and the size of the local convient center

by these criteria London England was ranked number one