Hanukkah and its traditions

As November comes to an end and December comes more and more close, we all get ready for a holiday we all love, Christmas, but for the jewish religion its a whole different hype. For them, the holiday they are all existing about is a holiday called Hanukkah.

The story of Hanukkah is about the liberation of Jerusalem and the re-dedication of the second temple. It’s considered the festival of lights for the jewish people and its widely regarded as the Christmas for jews and like Christmas, you get gifts on the 8 day long holiday. The story on how this holiday came to be was around 2nd century BCE, when the jewish army, the Macabees against the Seleucid empire, while vastly outnumbered, the jewish people managed to vanquish the enemy, as a reminder on how their ancestors fought against and stronger enemy and came out victorious.


Some customs of the holiday include the dreidel, the Hanukkiah, and oil lamp, and the sufganiyot, a sweet treat we eat on this holiday. The holiday starts on the 25 Kislev on the jewish calendar, which may be late November or early December. On each day of the holiday, the tradition is to light the Hanukkiah and sing prayers while playing with dreidels and chocolate money. Some tasty treats that are eaten during the holiday are latkas and sufganiyot. On the last day of the holiday, gifts are given out to all of the family and a large feast is made, while the last light on the hanukkiah is lighten.