Fashion week…Forever Friendly

The lights dim. The rhythmic beat comes from the speakers. Soon the first model saunters onto the catwalk. Yet something is different. The materials used, the texture of the leather, and even the venue is unusual.

That would be the latest Stella McCartney exhibit. This unique couture brand has always been renowned for its exclusive designs, but ever since its founder, Stella McCartney herself, has attended the COP26 in Glasgow, the fashion world was shocked when she came out with her new vegan clothing line.

According to BAZAAR magazine “Part of the exhibition was a showcase of new, sustainable materials that have been developed, including a leather made from mushrooms and a regenerated nylon made from plastic waste.”

Now it’s no secret that this fashion designer has always been opposed to the use of animal fur, leather and feathers in her collections, since 45 per cent of her brand’s operations run on 100 per cent renewable, green energy.

Though, according to VOGUE “ McCartney has been reiterating the need for more regulation and policy to support the industry, particularly when it comes to incentivizing brands to make more environmentally-friendly choices. She’s also been campaigning for fashion to stop the use of both animal leather furs- a call she admitted might be considered controversial.”

During the summit, the designer was joined by Dan Widmaier, founder of Bolt Threads, Baran Kayhan, the vice president of Soktas and Stacy Flynn, founder of Evrnu, all of them partners of her new fashion line at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, to showcase their materials used in the clothing and how to make them accessible.

According to FASHION “ The exhibit ‘Future of Fashion’: An innovation conversation with Stella McCartney’, displays pieces made from Bolt Threads ‘Mylo mycelium leather, the world’s first ever vegan football cleats, created in collaboration with Paul Pogba and Adidas by Stella McCartney; regenerative cotton from SÖKTAS; Evrnu NuCyl and ECONYL, regenerated nylon sourced from post-consumer waste and ocean plastics.”

The exhibit ended with McCartney stating “ As I said [before], we must involve the next generation if we ever hope to beat the climate crisis. Their energy and enthusiasm give me hope not only for the future of fashion, but Mother Earth.”

Overall, this summit not only helped political leaders to discuss the next plan of action for the future, but also for everyone to see the change in the fashion industry thanks to Stella McCartney and her collaboration partners ideas for clothing.