Is Villa Maria Haunted? Top Three Most Spooky Campus Storie


Villa Maria’s building has been around for centuries so it’s no surprise that several ghost stories of its history have spread amongst the students. This article will count down the top 3 most interesting ghost stories that have been heard about the campus and are often told to secondary 1 students during historical tours every year.


Story 1-The Carpeted Stairs 

The story goes that over a century ago back when the school was an all girls catholic boarding school the fourth floor was used as the dorm rooms for the students. One day these two girls were playing tag on the third/second floors until the first girl tripped and fell down the second floor stairs, she unfortunately died. The janitor was called to clean up the girl’s body and the janitor did exactly that however the next day the girl’s fresh blood was still there despite her body being gone. The janitor cleaned it up but it returned the next day and the next and the next, eventually the school got fed up with this and put carpet over the stairs to cover up the girl’s blood that just never dried nor left. This is the story of how the stairs in the English sector came to be carpeted.


Story 2: Center: 

This story takes place in the oldest part of school. Well before the school became a boarding school only the Center building was around; it is said way way back the owner of the home hung himself and supposedly the students can still see the hook the man hung himself on. Not only can students see the hook, but several staff have experienced paranormal activity in the Center building. One of these employees, Martine, has stated “On a toujours dis qu’il y avait comme un fantôme qui se promenait.” This goes to show that there is definitely something there.


Story 3: The Barn 

This spooky story did not happen in the school, but it did happen on school grounds. Back when the school was a mansion hundreds of years ago, the owner had a barn on the property. Unfortunately, one night while everyone in the manor was asleep the barn caught fire and was burnt to the ground killing all the horses that were chained up inside. It is said that late at night, way after the school closes, at the exact time when the barn was said to have burnt, you can sometimes hear the horses that were inside the barn banging and crying for help. Is it possible that the ghost of those dead horses still linger on the campus grounds?


Some students at Villa Maria believe that these ghost stories are fake. However, some teachers have said that they have experienced the paranormal while working at the school. Do the ghosts of the dead prowl the grounds? The only way to be certain is to go face to face with the paranormal but does anyone have the courage to do that? The question still lurks; is Villa Maria haunted?